About Us

Casey Telford – Editor

Coming to Toronto from the limestone city of Kingston in 2016, I was originally a business sales and marketing graduate with a post-grad in public relations. After grad, I soon dabbled in a wide range of roles and experiences including, but not limited to, motorcycle marketing and events with Harley-Davidson, sports entertainment within the Ontario Hockey League plus music photography, publicity and merching for artists, venues and festivals across the province.

If you’d like to chat or work together, I’d like that too! For advertising, partnerships, coverage and everything in between, email me at casey@stayreckless.com

Mark Grondin – Music Reviewer

I talk about music, (occasionally) movies, art, and culture. Harsh but fair. Voltorb provides the subtitles.

I’m also a published book author. My first release, To Kill a Dragon, can be found here.

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